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Meet the first
IoT T-Shirt featuring
an Air Quality Sensor

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Sense the air

around you

Our Athens collection features a low power
and high-accuracy CO sensor with 6 years lifetime.

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One T-shirt,

an entire revolution

Athens Sportwear Collection is the first Smart T-Shirt with Air Quality sensing capability, designed in Italy by Elektra Wearables.


Users can retrieve air quality via Bluetooth or via NFC with a simple phone tap. The companion App will show air quality data statistics.

The Internet of Meaningful Things

The Elektra App will show air quality data statistics and,  thanks to the data shared by other users with the community,  a handy air quality map.

Entirely Designed in Italy

The Athena Collection features seamless embedded technology into clothes
without the need for any bulky add-ons. 

Just wear it,

and you're ready to go.

Were you thinking
it's just a T-shirt?


For ever powered

The slim and flexible primary battery guarantees two years lifetime.

No recharge is needed.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

The Smart T-Shirt embeds

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity enabling real-time data monitoring.

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The air quality sensor addons includes near Field Connectivity (NFC) allowing data download even with the sensor detached from the T-Shirt.

Breathable fabrics

The T-Shirt is designed in Italy

using breathable fabric and

the finest materials.


Subscribe now and
Pre-order at 40% off

Live on Kickstarter starting at

59€ (instead of 99€)

in early 2022

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